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The Leading TVET Academy with a skill guarantee.

Welcome to Ghana’s premier informal sector bootcamp, is the sole program offering a guaranteed job placement post-graduation.

Led by industry experts, our comprehensive training ensures proficiency in in-demand technologies for productivity. We prioritize practical learning through hands-on projects, preparing beneficiaries for real-world challenges. With a dedicated career support team, we secure your pathway to employment, connecting you with top-tier companies seeking your expertise. 

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The HandyLabs Academy offers a diverse array of courses tailored to the needs of informal sector workers:

Agriculture and Farming Techniques

Learn the latest in sustainable farming, crop management, and innovative agricultural practices. Our courses are designed to improve yields and promote environmentally friendly farming methods.​

Handy Craft and Design

Advanced training for welders, electricians, and mechanics, focusing on modern techniques and safety standards. Our hands-on approach ensures that trainees are ready to meet the demands of their trades with confidence.

Technical Installations and Repairs

Comprehensive programs for technical installers and repair technicians, including up-to-date methods and tools. Trainees receive practical experience that prepares them for immediate employment.

Partner with the Academy To

Build Industry Skills Among Informal Sector Workers

We invite corporate entities and development partners to join us in this transformative journey. By partnering with the HandyLabs Academy, you can:

Access Skilled Workforce Training Support Community Development

Tap into a network of well-trained professionals ready to contribute to your business.

Sponsor courses and programs that uplift the local workforce.

Play a pivotal role in the economic advancement of Ghana’s informal sector.

Hands-On Training

We partner with other solution providers to offer holistic training programs. Each training and skills development session is unique and targetted at stakeholder needs.

Skilled Workforce for Hire

We are building, engaging and managing training networks and communities across all verticals. We particularly focus on engaging and connecting trainees with opportunities from the…

Lifelong Business Support

Provide resources and mentorship for developing new products and services through Innovation workshop sessions that encourage creative thinking and problem-solving.

Tools and Workshop Space

We offer membership access to modern workshops where members rent and use tools for their daily operations. Reduces the need to acquire every tool which…

Our depth & knowledge of the industry is proven

We provide technical  and business development skills that provide insights for easy consumption by the community. 

Incubation Support

Resources and mentorship for developing new products and services.

Innovation Workshops

Sessions that encourage creative thinking and problem-solving.