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Building Skilled Workforce to meet corporate and institutional demand

Through our networks across the regions, we we have built communities to support various TVET projects for the past 4 years. We organize events and conferences that engage with key stakeholders such as financial institutions, banks, startup incubators, students and policymakers on technical use cases and adoption. We also support through articles and blogs that provide the resources for community members to engage. We are strategic in who we engage to ensure there is a greater impact with limited resources. 

Why Yensesa?

We have actively participated in building communities in the region. We have the networks.

Exciting engagements

We are first blockchain evangalists and so enjoy building and maintaining vibrant communities.

We serve the best work

By relying on our broad network, especially among TVET Organisations, Technology providers and universities, we can bring different stakeholders to discuss and transfer digitally-enabled technical expertise

Best quality

More local

Wider reach &