Cultivating the next web3 generations

Year: 2022

CUDOS Slashing: A Mechanism to Maintain Blockchain Integrity

Cudos blockchain is building a community of Validators who trust and are willing to support the network. Validators are individuals or organisations who run server nodes on the Cudos smart contract and keep databases of the chain. As participating validators, they propose blocks and validate transactions from apps. To become a validator, the entity must […]
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The CUDOS Network and Ecosystem: The human and infrastructure layers

Cudos blockchain recently launched its mainnet on in July with a promise to change Play2earn games, and DeFi and provide cheaper computing power. The supporting ecosystem for this is growing creating use cases for all. As a special-purpose blockchain, it is designed to provide high-performance, trustless and permissionless cloud computing across the globe. The network […]
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The CUDOS governance system explained

The cudos layer-1 decentralised blockchain networks have given the opportunity for its utility token holders, CUDOS, to participate in the governance of the network. This means that token holders, whether talked or not, can create governance proposals that allow members to vote on these proposals. For example, some governance proposals may lead to significant changes in the […]
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Understanding the CUDOS Validation module in Build a Decentralised Network

The CUDOS decentralised compute network is a multi-layered platform that offers extra computing power for blockchain and non-blockchain projects. It has a 3-layer flow process that allows tasks submitted by consumers at the blockchain layer-1 to go through different validation checks before it is successfully processed. Layer-1 is the blockchain smart contract layer that interfaces with […]
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